Erica + Ryan

10 Reasons Why I Love You

10. You----are----so----BEAUTIFUL-----TO ME! (Joe Cocker voice)
Of course, there is the long, silky dark hair, beautiful eyes, and exotic look; but most importantly, your inner beauty shines through. You are a selfless person and always thinking about others.

9. I actually started to COMPROMISE.
I am still learning about this but because of you I have watched more Food Network and cooking channels then I would have ever imagined. Hell, I have even tried some weird foods and went to some weird restaurants ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

8. Easy and economical.
Always saving leftovers (LOL), stretching your dollar out, and spending money wisely! You do not need material things or worry about impressing everyone. The fact that you are so simple and easy-going is so SEXY!

7. You are always so supportive.
You truly bring out the best in me. No matter how bad things get, or how dramatic I think things are, you are always encouraging. You have encouraged me to do a better job myself and not just say, “Tomorrow is a new day” LOL! One thing I always cherished was the fact that you love to come watch my sporting events. Seeing you at my games makes me want to play even harder!

6. You have taught me how to PROCESS ;)
I have come a long way with arguments and conflict. I actually talk thru things now-a-days instead of storming off or ignoring phone calls and text messages.

5. You keep me sane.
When I stress, start to rage, or TOTALLY FREAK OUT [very rarely right LOL], you can ALWAYS calm me down.

4. You have my trust.
Besides my family, I don’t trust many people and I know I can trust you with any and everything. I have no freaking clue who said this but I love it. “When it comes to relationships, less control, more freedom. It’s all about trust. If there’s no trust there’s no connection.” This sums up everything.

3. She likes me for me.
I am still trying to find my filter and tone it down from time to time, but I love that I can always be my goofy self around you.

In my younger days, I was not ready for commitment nor made the effort to work towards a relationship. I am so thankful you gave me a second chance to earn your trust and prove to you that I was worth it.

1. Ask me what #1 is.